Stop Syria and Yeman Hunger

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As more pictures and stories roll out of Syria and Yemen, it is clear that we have a pair of crises on our hands. Terror and war have rocked these countries to their core, tearing apart the very fabric from which their societies had been woven. While it will take generations for the people who remain there to rebuild and come to terms with everything that has happened, it is incumbent upon all people of conscience to take action now to try to help the children who are caught in the middle of it all.

Just imagine: mortars flying, bullets burrowed into walls and floors, homes destroyed, whole towns leveled as battles rage on, and without any hope for self-defense, there is a child. This image is common in Syria and Yemen, where emergency services fall far short of what is necessary. Children have already suffered and died in these places, and unless we act now, more children will suffer and die. This is a fact.

We are doing everything in our power to support the children in Syria and Yemen. Whatever we can do to serve as an escape plan or to offer them care at home, we will do it!