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There are compassionate, skilled medical workers who are ready to serve those most at risk on our planet, and they serve proudly at the local hospitals in some of the most destitute regions of the world. These hospitals, though, lack the supplies that the doctors, nurses, and their assistants need in order to provide any care whatsoever. This cannot go on. We believe that if there are people willing to do the job, if there are trained professionals standing by, then the least we can do is ensure that they have the tools and the materials they need to provide healthcare services.


It seems like a simple enough concept, doesn’t it? Yet this problem persists year after year. Hospital shelves go un-stocked, which leads to poor health and unnecessary deaths among the populations the hospitals mean to serve. Why? When there is an abundance of such medical supplies, all we need to do is make them available to the people who need them. That is our mission: making medical supplies available to the hospitals where they are scarce so that they can do the good they are manufactured to do!


Join us as we work to serve hospitals and hospital workers in at-risk areas!