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It is a clear and decisive factor that separates developed countries from those that are still developing: the availability of clean water. In countries where tap water runs abundantly, it can be easy to forget that there are millions and millions of people globally who have no access to clean water. This does not just lead to thirst, though: it leads to poorer health, poorer hygiene, and economic stagnation. Wherever there is no access or limited access to clean water, there is sure to be limited access or even no access to other necessities, and the society is just one step away from disaster.

This problem, however, is not one that requires billions and billions of dollars in infrastructure funding. Rather, we can solve this problem just by digging wells or introducing filtration systems. Even better: we can teach people how to dig wells or build filtration systems of their own. Whatever we do, we need to do it now. In our modern world, it is a tremendous embarrassment that anyone at all would still find themselves without water, let alone the millions and millions who do.

We are working to make clean water more widely and more easily available than it has ever been before!