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All civilization is a result of people working to better themselves and their communities. The next time you have the opportunity to visit a big city, take a look around at all the wonders there are to behold. None of them would have been possible without education. Education is the seed that we plant, and it can grow into any number of things: great books, cutting-edge medicine, stunning architecture. Even beyond the grand and obvious achievements, though, the impact of education is widespread, touching lives directly and indirectly wherever people champion it.

Education, however, is constantly under attack. Wherever there are people championing better funding for education and greater access to it, there will also be people looking to de-fund it and tear it down, preventing other people from making use of it in order to live out their dreams. We strive to represent education proponents as effectively as we can.

Support education for all people in all places. On top of that, support higher-quality education! Education is not a magic wand, but its effects can be mesmerizing, its gifts never-ending! We are proud to take education as one of our central causes and to stand up on behalf of educators and education professionals everywhere.