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Education is the basic necessity of the present age. Without education, we cannot turn a man into a human because it teaches us ethics of life. Unfortunately, there are many countries in which there is no importance for education. People either do not let their children get an education because of lack of income or they will not let their daughters get education saying that they only have to work at home. It is the time that we change this mentality of humans and bring a change. Together we can support a noble cause and assure that everyone will get the required education around the world.

Key facts

1.           Even in developed countries, there are many students who do not get access to higher education because of lack of resources.

2.           People in underdeveloped countries cannot get an education because they do not have universities

3.           In many parts of the world female education is still banned because they think it is against their religion.

Your donation can help millions

Together we can help all the deserving children around the world to get their equal right to education without any discrimination based on color, creed, nation or religion. We are starting this educational campaign to collect enough donations that will be used for the education of the children.

Giving away a small amount of money in donation might not make a change in your income but it can bring a huge positive change in the life of a person who needs a few dollars to pay for his school or college fee. So, let us come together