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    There are compassionate, skilled medical workers who are ready to serve those most at risk on our planet, and they serve proudly at the local hospitals in some of the most...
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    All civilization is a result of people working to better themselves and their communities. The next time you have the opportunity to visit a big city, take a look around at...
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    In the places where malaria is endemic, it continues to wreak havoc. Many people, fortunately, live in places where malaria is not endemic, and to these people, the experience of malaria...
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Who are we?

S.H.I.P wants to provide communities and businesses a chance at their full potential. We want to ensure medical assistance that allows them to compete on a global scale in the field they choose to pursue. Challenging the tough financial burden to bring forth a better than average service and make higher goals for themselves. Providing the proper education, technology and resources for the community, country and world are our main key focuses. We expect the businesses and communities to turn into essential contributors to society, their families and the world. 

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Urgent Cause

Stop Syria and Yeman Hunger

As more pictures and stories roll out of Syria and Yemen, it is clear that we have a pair of crises on our hands. Terror and war have rocked these countries to their core, tearing apart the very fabric from...
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